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Group sessions in smaller groups

Shown here are the various types of group activities that are offered at our FitnessPoint gyms. It varies which activities are offered at the different local gyms, check your local gym's page to find out what activities are offerd near you.


Boot Camp

Boot camp is an efficient training method that produces results quickly. At FitnessPoint boot camp is conducted in small groups with an instructor offering support, instruction and advice. All with the goal of a fitter you.

Boot camp includes elements of both strength and endurance, and is a full body workout, our boot camps include elements of crossfit.

You do not need to be in good physical shape to join one of our bootcamps. The goal is for you to get into shape with us. The excercises are tailored tou your level of fitness, and our instructors make sure each boot camp member gets a workout that is suited for them.

Boot camp is hard, fun and very efficient excercise.

Cross Training 

Cross training is based on efficient, high-intensity workouts. The goal being to improve your level of fitness, this means you should be able to do more of an activity in the same space of time. For instance running further, doing more reps etc. Doing more in the same space of time, shows improvement to several physical attributes. 


Yoga aims to create balance between body and soul. Yoga allows for physical, mental and spiritual excercise all at once.

Senior Fitness

Our senior fitness is based on a circuit training programme, adaped specially to suit seniors. The circuit focuses on legs, arms, abdomen, back, flexibility and balance. Some excersises are meant to get your pulse up a little as well. The circuit is designed to strengthen muscles and promote better balance. This excersise circuit is suitable for all seniors, including those with any health concerns. The programme can be adapted to suit everyones needs, and will be based on your level of fitness and ability.