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Personal training - PT

Need help progressing with your training? Got a specific goal in mind? Then one of our Personal Trainers can help you.

Our personal trainers are here to help you reach your goals. Strength, endurance, weightloss, whatever it may be, we work based on your current fitness level to make sure you reach your goal. 

A regime with one of our personal trainers will help keep you motivated and accountable when excercising. Your excercise will be tailored to bettering your strength, endurance and mobility.

You can excercise alone with a PT, or you can choose PT Duo, Trio or Quatro to excercise with friends.


Introduction to equipment

Need help getting started? Wondering how to use our equipment?

Get in touch with our personal trainers for a short introduction and get help setting up a simple training programme. This is recommended if you have never used a gym before or need a bit of inspiration.

Get into shape - Achieve your goals - 10 weeks

If you are super motivated to change your physique, our 10 week "get into shape" programme a surefire way to get there. Our personal trainer will make sure you follow through, and we can guarantee you will see results.

Your personal trainer will help you adapt the programme to suit your needs and goals. You will recieve constant follow-up by our personal trainers, and we can also advise you in regards to your diet.

You choose the areas you would like to focus on, physique, endurance, strength or weightloss. Contact one of our trainers to work on your tailored programme.

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