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Member trems and conditions

These terms and conditions apply to all members of all Fitnesspoint gyms.

Health conditions
Members themselves are responsible for making sure their current health is fit to use the gym.

All activities at the gym are done at the member's own risk. The gym does not take responsibility for any damage or loss of personal items, or any injury incured during the gym visit.

Age limit
You need to be 16 years of age, or turn 16 somtime durring the current year to be able to sign a membership contract. For safety reasons children under the age of 16 are not allowed on the permises at any time.

Payment routines
Fitnesspoint does not have a binding period, and you are able to cancel at anytime, the cancelation will be in effect the day before your membership is set to renew. This means you get the full month you have allready payed for, and can use the gym during that time. If you do not cancel your membership it will automatically renew for another period.

Credit and debit card payments
Your card will be charged on the day you become a member online, and is renewed on the same date each month/year, unless canceled by you. If the card has insufficient funds or the card has expired, you will be notified via text message. If the status of the card has not changed after we notify you we will take the following actions: i) Add the charge to next month's payment. ii) If it is still not paid the following month we send it on to collection and you will be issued a reminder, followed by a collection notice if you still have not payed. iii) We will terminate your membership. iv) When a payment is delayed, additional intrest and administration costs will incur.

Invoice payments
If you chose to pay by invoice it will be issued to you via e-mail. An invoice fee of 39,- per invoice will be added to your total. Your membership is renewed automatically when your selected period is expired unless you have canceled your membership. This has to be done by logging into "My Page".

Any non-payment gives Fitnesspoint the right to cancel your membership. Any changes in pricing will be announced either by posters at your gym's location, or by email, as well as information on the website. 

Pausing memberships
Some types of memberships can be paused (it is not possible to pause annual memberships). Pausing of a membership can only be done by accessing "my page". The membership pause is in effect once the previously paid for period has expired, your membership is valid up untill the end of said period. Memberships can be paused for a maximum of 3 months. It is not possible to cancel a membership that is paused. 

Canceling a membership
Canceling your membership can be done by accessing "my page" at Cancelation will be in effect once the current payment period has expired. You will have access to your gym for the remainder of said period. All cancelations must take place before a membership is automatically renewed in order to avvoid paying for the next period.

Opening times
Fitnesspointis open between 05.00-24.00. Opening times may vary at your local gym, pleas check your local gym's page. We reserve the right to change our opening times, especially around summer and bank hollidays. Opening times may also change to accommodate events or maintainence.

Rules of conduct
Members and customers are required to return all equipment used to its proper place, to keep the gym tidy, and follow our rules of conduct:

Always clean up after yourself.

Always use clean exercise shoes. Outdoor shoes are to be left by the front door.

Make sure your gym clothes are clean, and appropriate for the gym.

Please wipe down equipment after use.

Please return any equipment to it's place after use.

Re-rack any weights after use.

Share equipment. Do not use equipment to rest, and work in if possible.

Lockers are to be emptied before leaving the gym. Lockers automatically unlock after 2 hours, the gym is not responsible for any personal belongings left behind.

Please avvoid unnecissary grunting, screaming and dropping of weights. Be mindfull of your surroundings.

Membership use
Members ALWAYS need to register when accessing the gym. The membership can not be transferred to any other individual. Members do not have the right to give others access to the gym by using their personal membership. A member is not permitted to bring friends or other non-members to the gym. Breaking any of these rules will lead to a 2500 NOK fine. Abusing your membership can also result in fitnesspoint terminating your membership. Checks are conducted at random on a regular basis.

Drugs and doping
Any individual that is under the influence of illegal substances is not allowed on the gym premises. Preformance enhancing and stimulating substances are also prohibited at Fitnesspoint. Tests may be administered. Any positive test will lead to automatic termination of your membership.  

Commercial activities 
Members are not able to conduct any commercial activities at a Fitnesspoint location, without written permission. This includes the sale  both products and services.

All our gyms are fitted with surveilance equipment. Any vandalism of the equipment or premisses will be persecuted.

E-mail and SMS
By signing up as a member you agree to Fitnesspoint sending you information, news and promotions via email. You also agree that important information can be sent to you via SMS.