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Frequently asked questions

Wondering how to sign up? What to do when your access card doesn't work?

We have tried to compile the most frequently asked questions.

If your question isn't answered, pleas contact your FitnessPoint gym.

Becoming a member

How do I become a member?

You register as a mamber on our website Fill out your personal information and payment details. You have the choice of creating a direct debit from your card, or receiving an invoice. Need assistance with signing up? We have open days where someone can help you get registered. More information on this can be found on the pages of each of the gyms.

Do you have trial sessions available?

We do not offer triel sessions, but we offer affordable drop-in sessions. Drop-in sessions can be purchased here >

How much is a membership?

Prices vary depending on which gym you choose. See your local gyms page for more pricing information. Overview of gyms>

How do I cancel my membership?

Your membership can be canceled by logging into "my page" and selecting "Cancel"

Can I pause my membership?

Monthly memberships can be paused for up to 3 months. This is done by logging into "my page". Yearly memberships cannot be paused.

What is the age-limit for becoming a member?

The age-limit for joining is 16 yers old, this includes anyone turning 16 during the current year.

Can I become a member for 1 month?

Yes, fitnesspoint does not have a contract binding you for longer than 1 month at a time. meaning you can join for a month, and then cancel your membership. It is your responsibilty to cancel the membership before it automatically renews at the end of each month. 


How do I gain access to the gym?

You use your credit/debit card as your access card by using the magnetic strip. All types of credit/debit cards can be used, the only criteria is that the card must have 16 number on the front as well as a magnetic stripe. You can choose whether you want to use the same card as your payment card, or select a different card. For example with families there could be one paymentcard, and each member would use their personal card as access cards. The selection of access card(s) is done when signing up.

How long will it take before I gain access?

If you chose to pay by card, access is immediately granted, if you are paying by invoice, please allow 1-3 business days for activation.

I don't own a credit/debit card, how can I get access?

You can purchase a prepaid gift card, and use this as your access card. There are several different kinds (Paygo, visa) and they can be purchased at grocery stores or kiosks. 

My card doesn't work to open the gym door, what do I do?

1. Did you enter your card number under the "access method" tab when registering?
If not you can do this via "my page" at

2. Is the magnet stripe of your cards facing the right way?
The strip should be facing the oppsite side of the lights on the card reader.

If the card is still not working, the magnetic strip may be faulty. You could try changing to a different access card on "my page". We ask you to double check the number you have entered, as well as making sure it has been entered without any spaces. 

Can I work out at other FitnessPoint gyms?

If you have a PLUS membership you can work out at any FitnessPoint gym, other memberships are limited to your local gym. 


How do I pay for my membership?

You can select one of the following payment methods:

1. Payment using a direct debit You pay for a reocurring membership from the day you purchase your first month, untill you chose to cancel your membership. When canceling the membership will be active untill the end of the payment cycle. The membership is automatically renewed unless cancelled, and your card will be charged for another period.

2. Payment by invoice An invioce will be sent to you via email (an invoice fee of 29,- will be added to your total)


Do fitnessPoint gyms offer showers?

Unfortunatly we do not. Showers require much space and upkeep to ensure high hygene standards. We do however provide changing rooms. 

Are my credit card details safely stored at FitnessPoint?

FitnessPoint does not store your credit card info. All such information is stored by our payment system provider. They store all information safely, and all communications to and from the provider is encrypted. For access cards only part of the card number is stored, and is stored encrypted. All our website content is also encrypted using SSL certificates (https).

Personal Information and GDPR

Read more about our GDPR policy here.

Terms and conditions

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