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Fitnesspoint is a chain of self service gyms. We currently have 28 locations throughout Norway, and are presently working on several new franchise establishments.

At Fitnesspoint you come and go as you please, and manage your own excercise routine. You are not forced to pay for expensive instructors or facilities you never use. 

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The story of Fitnesspoint

The Fitnesspoint chain was first established in 2014. The first year saw the opening of 3 gyms: Fitnesspoint Flatåsen and Fitnesspoint Moholt in Trondheim as well as Fitnesspoint Nydalen. These gyms are owned by the Fitnesspoint chain. It was important to us that we owned these first gyms, to properly be able to test our concept.

In 2015 we helped open our first franchised gym, Fitnesspoint Jørpeland in Rogaland.

In the fall of the same year we opened the next gym, Fitnesspoint Skasvik. This gym is owned and run by physical therapists belonging to the Saksvik medical centre, a concept that has proven to be a great success. Fitnesspoint Saksvik has since moved location and been renamed as Fitnesspoit Malvik.

From that point on we opened gyms in rapid succession, and are now comprised of 16 Fitnesspoint gyms spread throughout the country.

The Fitnesspoint concept

Fitnesspoint is a concept made to opperate small self-service gyms. Our goal is to offer a gym that allowes people to excersise easier and more locally. We have spent quite a bit of resources to ensure that our administration system makes being a member easier for you, all administered online via your own member page.

We are constantly working to improve our systems to make it easier for you to get your excersise.

Fitnesspoint strives to be easy to use for members, and easy to administrate for the franchises.


Fitnesspoint is a franchise concept. This means each of our gyms are owned and run locally. 


The Fitnesspoint chain is rapidly developing. We are constatly working towards opening new gyms. If there isn't a gym near you, chances are one is allready in the cards, or maybe you want to take action and open one yourself?