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Starting your own Fitnesspoint gym

Do you have a dream of opening your own gym?

Fitnesspoint offers a complete concept for running your own self-service gym. Fitnesspoint has developed this system over a number of years, making it possible to run your own gym with minimal administrative work required.

Who can start a Fitnesspoint gym?

If you are interested in exercise and fitness, you can start your own gym. You should also have an interest in marketing, to make sure you are able to market your gym appropriately.

 Running your own gym through Fitnesspoint can easily be combined with other business ventures or full-time employment.

If you own commercial property, opening a gym with us is a good idea. Many of our franchise owners own their own properties, and are finding that running a gym is a better way of profiting off of their property than renting it out.

If your company location has enough empty space, investing in your own Fitnesspoint gym may be the right thing for you.

How much work goes into opening and running a Fitnesspoint gym?

Fitnesspoint has already put down a lot of effort into the ground work of opening your own gym. Our goal is to offer you a turnkey gym, ready for opening.

You are still expected to put down some time in the starting phase. Fitnesspoint and our suppliers will get your gym ready for opening, if you chose to do some of this work yourself, it will decrease the total cost.

Another important area you need to make sure you invest some time in at the start, is marketing. Fitnesspoint has developed templates for this and will help and advise you through this phase. Most of the marketing material will be delivered ready to use from Fitnesspoint, this applies to both digital and traditional marketing materials.

When the gym has settled into day to day opperation, you will have to set aside 3-4 hours for administration, marketing and supervision.

What sould the size of the location be?

A suitible size for a fitnesspoint gym is between 100m2 - 400m2

The gym can either be a standalone opperation or be run in conjunction with a physical therapist, appartment building, hotell or leisure centre.

Where is a good geographical location for my gym?

We see that our concept is well suited for any settlement with a population above 1500. 

It is possible to open a gym in smaller settlements, with a few adjustments.

How much does opening a Fitnesspoint gym cost?

The total cost of opening a Fitnesspoint gyn ranges between 750.000 - 1 million norwegian kroner. This assuming that the location is move-in ready.

Included in this estimate is all equipment, online ordering, website, access and membership systems as well as all promotional materials and gym design. Fitnesspoint handles all equipment instalation, so that you are provided with a turnkey gym.

The opening of a gym can be financed using personal funds, a bank loan, or the leasing of equipment. Some personal funds will be required in any case.

Self-service gym

The core concept is our proprietary adiminstration system. This system minimizes the work required to administrate memberships. We use creditcards as access cards and have automated systems for monitoring and following up on payments.

A web solution, controlled access solution and customer pages all make the administration and financial paperwork as minimal as possible.  

Design and equipment

Fitnesspoint provides a design manual that applies both to the gym premises as well as brochures and other printed material. We have negotiated deals, making sure all fitnesspoint gyms have access to top quality gym equipment at very reasonable prices.

System for day to day operations

Fitnesspoint is continually working to make sure our routines are optimal and are applied to everything from daily cleaning routines to servicing equipment.

Marketing and sales

As a fitnesspoint gym you will recieve access to marketing material as well as help and advice for planning marketing campaigns and activities.

How do I start my own Fitnesspoint gym?

Contact us! Fitnesspoint will help you get started. We will help evaluate the location and the population base of your location. We can also assist in planning, financial solutions, budgetting and suggesting an appropriate equipment package.

Fitnesspoint: Getting you started on creating your own gym as easily and efficiently as possible.


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